World’s first inflatable resuscitation mask*

Article image - World’s first inflatable resuscitation mask*

Ideal for all Council employees trained in first aid

Reviva Mask is a unique resuscitation mask that folds to the size of a matchbox, enabling it to be carried on a keyring, belt, purse or pocket at all times. It is a ‘true’ mask, but with total portability and convenience due to its small size.

Ideal for all areas of Local Government – all Local Government employees trained in first aid should be personally carrying one of these masks for their own protection and to encourage prompt response in the case of emergency.

Reviva Mask was invented by Graham Farrell, a university lecturer who observed his students’ reactions to the resuscitation devices available in first aid training. Their negative reactions prompted Graham to think about a mask that would offer most of the practicalities of a clinical mask, but could be folded and packed into a small carrying pouch.

After several years of investigative trials, Graham successfully invented and patented the Reviva Mask, which is now in full commercial production in Melbourne.

After removal from the carrying pouch, the Reviva Mask is easily and quickly inflated with one or two puffs. The first responder then places the mask in position, creating a seal with the pressure of their hands, and proceeds with CPR. The simple one way resuscitation valve allows air to pass through to the patient, but prevents any back flow of air or fluids to the first responder.

Enthusiasm for the Reviva Mask continues to grow following an appearance on the popular ABC ‘New Inventors’ program, and being a finalist in the ‘Invention of the Year’.

The most pleasing aspect for Graham is the acceptance of his mask by professionals who are intimately involved in all aspects of first aid.

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