The slip fall dilemma*

Ask most people what the major cause of injury is in Australia and the answer would probably focus on car injuries or industrial accidents, but the real answer is the slips and falls that occur mostly in our everyday lives. According to a leading insurance broker up to 90 per cent of all public liability claims are related to slippery floors.

Slips are widely perceived to be a primary cause of workplace injury as well as being the leading cause of injury related death for the elderly. One off anti slip treatments will greatly improve the traction of floors and greatly reduce the chance of a slip fall accident, but it is vitally important that the surface is maintained, cleaned properly and regularly monitored.

Global Safe Technologies industry unique Floor Safety Maintenance Program© provides initial training for cleaning staff about proper floor cleaning, monitoring the floor’s condition on a regular basis and providing written reports to management. This ensures that the floor will be operating at its maximum efficiency and any deterioration of its condition is immediately reported to the person in charge.

Corrective action can then be taken before a slip fall accident happens. After the treatment is applied, microscopic channels are created for the water and oils to be disbursed from under foot, allowing feet to make contact with the surface at all times. To the naked eye and touch, the surface is virtually unchanged when dry. Independent tests by the CSIRO on glossy tiles have shown an average 350 per cent improvement in traction and exceeded the Australian standard defined requirements by 60 per cent.

One Sydney Council has used slip resistance testing on all new public and commercial areas as part of its development control plan to protect public safety.

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*Copy supplied by Global Safe Technologies