NSW aspiring leaders program

In 2006, Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) NSW will again run its very successful Aspiring Leaders Program. This program provides an opportunity for aspiring leaders in Local Government to participate in a three day offsite workshop.

Facilitated by Peter Sheahan, who is an expert on Generation Y and is gaining in reputation with his skill in leadership techniques, the workshop will also feature several sessions by the high profile speaker, Matt Church.

The 2005 program received incredible feedback from delegates who found the three day workshop an invaluable learning tool and have implemented the skills they were taught in both their professional and personal life.

To many, it has been a life changing event. To continue the learning, LGMA is organising an Executive Aspiring Leaders Program that can be attended by past participants, including those that attended the program in 2005. This will continue from where the participants left off, providing further skills to assist with their leadership path.

In early 2006, the Aspiring Leaders Program will kick off with the bootcamp which is for aspiring leaders new to the program. It will focus on attitude, communication and execution. This three day intensive workshop will be held offsite and will provide much opportunity for delegates to network with other Local Government aspiring leaders from across New South Wales to share experiences and ideas.

Later in 2006, the Executive Leaders Forum will be available for those that have attended the 2005 and 2006 programs and will focus on expanding on the skills and techniques taught at the bootcamps and how to develop and use these skills for maximum benefit. The Executive Leaders Forum will be a two day offsite workshop and will again provide the opportunity for participants to network, reconnect and discover how they have each implemented the skills and techniques acquired from the bootcamps.

Information on the 2006 Aspiring Leaders Program will be available shortly. To express an interest in this program or if you have any questions, contact Nicole Walker at LGMA, NSW on (02) 9891 6788 or email nicole@ lgmansw.com.au