Ballarat the first Council in Australia to purchase air water machine*

Watermakers Australia, a leading provider of water generation machines and tec hnologies, that produce water from the humidity in the air, recently announced that the City of Ballarat, is the first Council in Australia to purchase this revolutionary technology.

The City of Ballarat is Victoria’s second largest regional centre and prides itself on working with the community to create a vibrant, safe and progressive City. Last October, it showcased Watermakers Australia SOHO machine in their Customer Service Centre during National Water Week and more recently at Springfest held alongside Lake Wendouree, Ballarat.

“The machine operated very successfully, producing water from the air and people were fascinated by the technology,” said Kathryn Van Oostveen, City of Ballarat’s Water Campaign Project officer. “The promotion to the community of all forms of water conservation, including water saving technology is fundamental to Council’s published Water Action Plan. It also supports the Victorian Government’s plan – Securing Our Water Future – which encourages smarter water use through a number of strategies, including promoting the adoption of innovative technologies.”

Prior to agreeing to showcasing the technology the City of Ballarat satisfied itself that the technology could make a difference to water consumption trends in the region.

“The community needs to know what alternatives are available to both bottled and domestic water,” Kathryn Van Oostveen said. “Not everyone can lift heavy water bottles and not every household is able to install a rain water tank and this technology could be an alternative solution.” Managing Director, Watermakers Australia, Ossie Pisanu, said “We are delighted that City of Ballarat has had the vision to lead the way in promoting alternative water saving technologies to the community at large. We are receiving tremendous public feedback for the technology.”

WaterMakers Australia provides a range of AirWater machines that produce from 25 litres to over 5,000 litres per day. The average cost of the machine when operating at full capacity is approximately six cents per litre, one tenth of the cost of bottled water.

Watermakers Australia is targeting rural and remote locations and intends to have representation in every rural town in Australia.

Watermakers Australia is the leading provider of domestic and commercial water generation machines that produce potable water from the humidity in the air. For further information visit www. or phone 1300 723 485.

* Copy supplied by Water makers Australia