Leading the way in Local Government

Hume City Council is setting the pace to build a better future for its community. With its long term strategic planning, nationally recognised commitment to lifelong learning and a focus on strengthening the economic prosperity and environmental sustainability of the City, Hume City Council is leading the way in Local Government.

In 2005, Hume City Council was recognised for its community and business partnerships and health programs and services. Council was awarded the National Award for Excellence; the Category Award for Community Business Par tnerships; the Category Award for Health Services; and a commendation for Valuing and Promoting Quality Child Care at the 2005 National Awards for Local Government – positioning Hume City Council at the forefront of Local Government in Australia.

In 2004, Hume City Council, in partnership with its community, developed the Hume City Plan 2030. The Plan is testament to the Council’s ongoing commitment to working together with its community to build a better future. Another key strategy in building a better future for the City will be the progressive implementation of the Broadmeadows Transit City Masterplan. The Masterplan enables a wide range of infrastructure, commercial and retail businesses, education, community services and housing to be located within Broadmeadows Central, bringing with it the vitality of inner city living, employment opportunities and enhanced services for local residents.

Hume City Council is also leading the way with its commitment to social equity. Council was the first Local Government in Australia to express a commitment to social equity through the declaration of the Inaugural Citizens’ Bill of Rights in 2004. It promotes respect for, and by, each and every citizen. In addition to this, Council has developed the Hume Social Justice Charter in order to promote respect for all, strengthen community participation and wellbeing, and reduce the causes of disadvantage – resulting in a highly connected, united and empowered community with a deep sense of belonging.