Hume City profile

Hume City is a progressive, sustainable and vibrant City. Located approximately 20 kilometres northwest of Melbourne and covering an area of 503 square kilometres, Hume City is an area of exciting contrasts, from major industrial corridors to urban residences and vast expanses of rural land. Hume is also home to Melbourne Airport and boasts a wide array of tourism and historical locations for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Hume City Council is leading the way, with the City increasingly being recognised as the place to call home, and the place to do business. Hume City is one of Victoria’s fastest growing municipalities with the current population of 157,154 residents expected to grow to 243,000 by 2030. Hume has a vibrant and culturally diverse community with 34.6 % of residents speaking a language other than English. Residents coming from more than 140 countries speak over 120 different languages.

The City has a thriving business sector and many nationally and internationally renowned companies recognise Hume as the ideal place to do business. Ford Australia, P&O, Coles, Note Printing Australia, Hilton Melbourne Airport, The Age, and Visy are among the wide variety of businesses and industry sectors - including freight; engineering; aviation; automotive manufacturing; steel; plastics; electronics; communications; tourism; food processing; vineyards; paper manufacturing; education; construction and retailing - discovering the advantages of calling Hume home.