Sustainable watering for thirsty parks, gardens and sportsfields

Australia has voted. IWT’s award winning new technology, KISSS (Kapillary Irrigation Sub Surface Systems) recently won the people’s choice on the ABC’s New Inventors. It is rapidly attracting attention around the nation. KISSS has proved to be up to 60 per cent more effective than other drip line technology, subsequently reducing irrigation and watering bills by up to 60 per cent.

“Through our unique product design, we are able to maximise the wetting pattern and minimise the number of irrigation lines and fittings required – therefore reducing labour costs,” said David Hinton, inventor of the KISSS system.

Losses through evaporation is greatly reduced, and without the need for sprinklers, the system is more OH&S friendly as well as reducing the potential of injury to the public, particularly on sports fields and in parks.

In addition to its water saving benefits, this new sub surface system is fully automated and requires minimal maintenance.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) has installed KISSS irrigation systems in the gardens and lawns at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay, the Italian Village at Campbells Cove, Hickson Road Reserve and in Darling Harbour, throughout the whole of Tumbalong Park, including playgrounds, gardens and lawns. Some 7,500 square metres of SHFA’s lawn areas and 1,500 square metres of gardens are now serviced by this state of the art watering system.

“In Tumbalong Park alone, the new system is saving 32,000 litres of water per week,” Michael Rowley, Horticulture Coordinator with SHFA said. “In the upcoming summer, we will be attempting to save double this amount with the introduction of water harvesting and fine tuning of turf grass cultivation activities.”

He said that Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is strongly focused on environmental sustainability, and, as such, its key objective with the sub surface irrigation project is to conserve water and maximise efficiency.

In addition to environmental benefits, financial savings from the KISSS system work out around $1 per kilolitre. Given the water savings, KISSS has significantly reduced the associated capital costs of installing an irrigation system.

“In the 2005/2006 financial year, we have eight possible sites in mind for additional KISSS systems,” Michael Rowley said.

He said that even in its high profile areas, including Sydney’s popular Circular Quay and The Rocks, SHFA hasn’t encountered any problems with installation.

“We tend to install these systems in conjunction with major renovation projects,” Michael Rowley said. “They are also staged, so as to minimise impact on events, tenancy and general visitation.”

With more and more regions being declared drought areas, and as all governments and community members look for improved ways to conserve this precious resource, many Councils and households are turning to this dynamic new product.

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