Contaminated soil successfully treated

By Daniel Blair *

Soil contamination is a problem often faced by Councils and property developers. Old industrial sites, in particular, can leave a legacy of contamination – prompting demand for new and innovative remediation measures.

Virotec has responded by developing a unique new technology to address heavy metal and acid sulphate soil contamination.

Recently, Virotec was contracted to remediate approximately 2,600 cubic metres of contaminated soil at an old industrial site near Townsville. The soil contained high levels of leachable heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper and zinc.

The application of ViroFlow™ Technology resulted in the successful remediation of the contaminated soil with heavy metals being permanently immobilised. In this case, the client – a property developer planning to build townhouses on the site – transported all treated soil to landfill.

Treated soil using ViroFlow™ Technology may also be left in-situ depending on the end use of the land.

ViroFlow™ Technology has proven to be a cost effective solution for contaminated sites both in Australia and overseas. ViroFlow™ Technology may also be used for acid sulphate soils remediation and the removal of heavy metals from groundwater or industrial waste water.

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* Daniel Blair is Environmental Technology Manager, Virotec Int Ltd