Walking town meetings

Article image - Walking town meetings

Management by walking around is a practice used by many senior executives. Getting out of the office and talking to people on the spot uncovers issues and ideas. In Greater Shepparton, this practice has been extended to Councillors who are now meeting people on site.

After a series of meetings across the City, Congupna was the next to have an opportunity to discuss local issues with their Councillors at a Walking Town Meeting.

Mayor, Councillor Anne McCamish, said the Congupna walking town meeting gave residents the ability to speak to Councillors directly about community concerns.

“Walking town meetings have proved to be an excellent avenue for airing concerns and discussing important community issues,” Councillor McCamish said. “We are looking forward to getting feedback from the community and achieving successful outcomes, as has been the case with previous walking town meetings in Shepparton East, Murchison and Tallygaroopna,” he said.

“Community input is essential in helping the Council work for the future of our community and we encourage residents of Congupna to take a walk and have their say.”