Seamless purchasing at Melbourne

After years of manual purchase requisitions, processing of cheques and invoices, the City of Melbourne has introduced a seamless process that allows staff to perform purchasing functions on their personal computer.

Group Accountant, Kerrie Jordon, said the process included raising a purchase requisition online by selecting from the online catalogue, forwarding this requisition to their manager for approval and online management.

“This transaction results in the supplier receiving the purchase order automatically by email or fax and allowing them to know exactly what is required and at what price,” he said. “The supplier has the direct phone number of the staff member who requisitioned the order should they need to verify any of the information.

“After delivery of the service or good, the supplier does not need to do anything more. The staff member who requisitioned the order receipts the service or goods online and payment, in accordance with the supplier’s payment terms, is automatically made to the supplier’s bank account. The supplier receives notification of the payment and a recipient created tax invoice, either by email or fax.”

Throughout this whole process, the purchasing or accounts payable sections have not had to manually process any paperwork or transaction.

People now add value to the purchasing process by ensuring the complex purchasing processes are streamlined. It has the added advantage that preferred suppliers which are Triple Bottom Line compliant can easily be identified and online catalogues with prices are maintained.

For more information contact Kerrie Jordan on (03) 9658 9344 or email