Leading edge software reduces costs and improves rates modelling

The South Australian Local Government Association (LGA) is working to reduce costs for Councils by using leading edge rates modelling software. South Australian Councils using the software will be better prepared to analyse the relationship between Council rates, rating options, valuations and socio economic factors in their communities.

South Australia’s Local Government Association has secured an arrangement to reduce license fees by 20 per cent for leading rates and valuation modelling software provided by Ibis Information Systems, if enough Councils commit to use it.

LGA President, John Legoe, said the Ibis rates modelling software is already used by nine Councils. “It has the advantage of linking with mapping software to display the impact of various options against socio economic data,” Councillor Legoe said.“Councils are keen to be in a better position to manage the rating system to avoid the sort of uneven property valuation rises we have seen in recent years. We have heard the concerns and are working on various levels to ensure we deal better with these issues in the future.”

The LGA recently established an Independent Inquiry into the Financial Sustainability of Local Government. The inquiry will be headed by a board comprising former senior public servant Bill Cossey, former legal firm CEO Juliet Brown, and former AFL CEO Wayne Jackson.