Improving the business paper process *

It seems that everyone is being asked to do more with less these days, so it’s important to find that extra edge. InfoCouncil is a technology advantage being offered to Councils. It is a contemporary, stable and economical package for managing Local Government business papers. Here’s a snapshot of how it works.

The software comprises four modules; Reports, Business Papers, Publishing and Action Sheets. A series of secure, configurable Microsoft Word templates is used for report creation. Once a report is finished it is available for review and approval by a manager.

Producing an agenda for a meeting is simply a matter of ensuring that all the required reports have been submitted and then pressing the ‘go’ button. Minutes are created using our Minutes Toolbar. This is a tool for pre defining standard text for automatic insertion into minutes documents.

Agendas and minutes can be published to the web instantaneously and automatically, with a detailed navigation pane created automatically for each unique document.

Using the details of resolutions made in meetings, InfoCouncil builds up a series of email notices relating to actions required, and provides editing and tracking functions for Council staff.

So how can your Council benefit from InfoCouncil? In two ways: you can provide a faster and more informative service to the general public, staff and Councillors by making business papers available electronically; and you can remove the drudgery and expense of managing business papers manually.

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* Copy supplied by Infosphere Pty Ltd