Capital works and budgetary evaluation program assists Gosford

Gosford City Council has developed a computer software solution to assist units evaluate capital works projects and form their budget. Performance Management Auditor, Rod Kidd, said the program called FLEXEVAL, allowed Gosford to design a questionnaire enabling project submissions to be assessed and ranked on an equal footing.

“It has been designed to be extremely flexible and fully scalable to meet any sized department or organisation’s requirements,” Rod Kidd said. “All parts of the framework are fully customised and are based upon individual process requirements.

“Using this framework, it is simple to build comprehensive questionnaires tailored for site specific scoring.”

FLEXEVAL allows for separate questionnaires to be developed for each particular budget which has been defined in the system.

He said the weighting and scoring factors in each questionnaire are completely independent of each other and relate only to those projects submitted for the respective budgets. This means for example, that a Corporate Capital Works 2004/05 Budget questionnaire can be different to that of a Water and Sewerage 2004/05 Budget questionnaire.

The project has generated a lot of interest and Rod has spoken about the software at various conferences throughout the country. It can be used for a wide variety of areas that require evaluation such as vehicle maintenance and sick leave.

Brisbane has expressed interest in using the system for its tender evaluation process. For more information contact Rod Kidd on (02) 4325 8389 or email