Advanced Data Integration automates meetings to the minute *

Advanced Data Integration (ADI), better known for its popular information management software, DataWorks, has developed a unique process management utility, Minutes Manager. Minutes Manager provides task specific information management tools for the typical Agenda to Minutes to Actions process. Benefits for Local Governments are mainly time saved from time consuming activities like annotating meeting minutes and tracking meeting actions through to completion.

With over 137,000 residents to administer, time is a luxury in places like Newcastle City Council. Information Services Manager, Kevin Fernandez, said that Minutes Manager saves Council upwards of four days a month in agenda collation and distribution alone.

“With a meeting a week, a day saved here and there quickly adds up,” he said. “The savings at the end of each month are substantial.”

Minutes Manager helps users maintain organisation wide standards for electronic documents, increasing the quality of documents produced and reducing the need for manual formatting.

ADI’s validation tool identifies variances to documents from the standards specifically designed for the organisation. This maintains the consistency of documents produced with minimal disruption to meeting or voting processes.

At Dalby Town Council in Queensland, all templates are set up in advance and are therefore consistent across the Council.

“This gives our documentation a professional feel, something that many of our users and clients comment on,” said Cathy Harding. “We’ve set up Minutes Manager with Word’s AutoText feature so entries can be made quickly and seamlessly during a meeting while keeping to the predefined template.”

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