Tamar solves its data and voice communications problems

West Tamar Council in the North of Tasmania has been restricted by low bandwidth for data communications. With geographically dispersed offices in Beaconsfield, Exeter and Riverside, Council had previously used a land line solution for its data and voice communications.

To solve its communication inefficiencies, Council now uses a 34 Mbps full duplex microwave link between the Beaconsfield and Riverside offices for its data communications, with an extra 2 Mbps channel for voice communications. An 11 Mbps half duplex radio link has also been installed to service the Exeter office.

Suitable sites were researched for a central point to link the three offices, and it came together using a 30 metre tower on Mount Dismal. A ten metre tower was also erected at Beaconsfield, with three metre masts at Exeter and Riverside.

“Communications equipment was installed in each office in order to operate and integrate the solution and external units were fitted to the respective towers and masts,” said Council’s Information Services Coordinator, Ray Brickhill. “The installers then configured the equipment and Council switched over from its legacy communications and has never looked back. The solution allows Council to function as a single information and voice service entity across its three offices.”

Where previously Tamar experienced low speed, inefficiencies and limitations in the use of its information systems, as well as incurring STD call costs for both internal and external users, these problems have now been solved.

“Besides the individual benefits, it has empowered Council to be able to serve its internal and external customers to the best of its ability from the various sites and offices,” Ray Brickhill said.

For further information, contact Ray Brickhill on (03) 6383 6354.