New Coffs Harbour Ingenuity payroll system goes live

Having over 500 employees on its payroll as well as all of the administrative challenges faced by Local Government bodies everywhere, the rollout of Coffs Harbour City Council’s (CHCC) new Ingenuity payroll and HR system has been eagerly awaited. In selecting its new system, CHCC set several key objectives, including job and plant costing and the ability to integrate with its existing financial system.

According to CHCC Human Resources Manager, Linda Kirkwood, in meeting these objectives, MicrOpay’s Ingenuity represents ‘a big step forward’. She said that Ingenuity has already demonstrated that it will deliver information and features not available with the Council’s present system. “When Ingenuity goes live at the end of October, we will have a system adapted specifically to meet the needs of Local Government,” Linda Kirkwood said.

Special IT Project Manager, Andrew Sales, has overseen all aspects of the implementation of the new system.

“As implementation and testing have proceeded, we have found it very easy to make changes to calculations within various elements of the system,” he said. “Where other changes have been needed, MicrOpay has been very responsive to the Council’s needs.”

Linda Kirkwood believes the Coffs Harbour rollout is an outstanding example of all parties working together to achieve a true best practice outcome.

“As we have progressed through a series of parallel runs covering 14 pay cycles, it has become clear that Ingenuity is delivering all the accuracy and functionality that MicrOpay promised,” she said. “Even better, we are discovering additional benefits we hadn’t expected, and that is helping us develop more efficient ways to do things.”

To find out more about Ingenuity, visit MicrOpay’s stand at the Information Technology Conference for Local Government at Coffs Harbour on November 20 - 22, call Tracy Melis at MicrOpay on (02) 9884 4031, email or visit

* Copy supplied by MicrOpay