Hobart top Landcare Award for Local Government

In recognition of its protection and conservation of the natural environment, Hobart City Council has won the Local Government category of the 2002 National Landcare Awards.

“There is no doubt that Hobart is Australia’s natural capital, with bushland accounting for 53 per cent of the City’s 7,700 hectare area, 2,900 hectares of which is protected in Council managed reserves,” said Lord Mayor Rob Valentine. “Over recent years, Council has played a critical role in shifting regional attitudes, developing and implementing regional planning processes, and providing support and incentives to the community to be involved and understand what landcare is about.”

Council has established a number of bushcare programs and initiatives that include the promotion, management and planning of landcare principles. Among these is the employment of a Bushcare Coordinator who is responsible for Council’s Bushland Management Program.

The program a network of community bushcare, landcare and catchment care groups, as well as a bushcare promotional program that comprises walks, talks and participative displays and exhibits. Also within the program is the Bushland Fund. This is primarily used for the purchase of bushland specifically for its high conservation values and open space.

“Recognising the power of the community in conserving bushland areas is a key component in Council’s landcare based approach to bushland management,” the Lord Mayor said. “Through our bushcare program, we are able to provide people with increased opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the bush on our doorstep, and how they can help its survival.”

For further information, contact Council’s Manager Bushland and Reserves, Rob Mather, on (03) 6238 2855.