E-learning with Insight *

Providing effective, ongoing learning and training for employees is problematic for most organisations. Frequently, training is delivered using the traditional model, requiring instructors and blocks of time – valuable time away from productive work. Effective e-learning programs provide an opportunity for organisations to move outside this traditional model of employee training.

E-learning is continuously available and participants can access what they need, when they need it – night or day. E -learning makes it possible to break learning down into short, accessible elements rather than having to take participants aside for a full day for a course. As a result, there is greater empowerment for the learner and more links into day to day work. Insight International Consultancy is a leader in the design, development and delivery of e-learning and training.

“Our success in e-learning stems from our deep understanding about education and training,” said Ian Davis, Director Insight International Consultancy. “It is our vision to ensure that all learning, especially e-learning, is an active, engaging and interactive process. Our e-learning platform enables you to pace your learning in ways that meet your needs as well as the vision and direction of your Council. All that you require is a standard access to the Internet.”

Insight’s unique approaches to learning and training place paramount importance in the relationship between the participant and their learning consultant. Learning consultants provide real time support, guidance, direction, assessment and feedback and are always accessible.

Insight’s e-learning platform is a truly enlightening experience. It supports your organisation to take risks, take control of your learning, to search for answers and meaning and to celebrate your successes.

Further information can be found at www.insightinternational.com.au, by email at insight@insightinternational.com.au or phone on (08) 8227 1373.

* Copy supplied by Insight International