Driving continuous improvement at Wyndham

The Continuous Improvement Program established by Wyndham City Council in Victoria is proving to yield positive results for one of its business units, as well as to the community. Council’s business unit, WYNCARE, provides both internal and commercial services to the community.

“It focuses on the positive culture that can be achieved by involving staff in a continuous improvement program,” said Bernie Cronin, General Manager WYNCARE, Wyndham City Council. “An exciting aspect has been building the skills of many staff in continuous improvement techniques.”

WYNCARE continuous improvement approach comprises six processes including business planning, balanced scorecard, staff involvement, competitiveness, quality systems and customer focus. This involves reviewing the performance of each service within WYNCARE and identifying opportunities for improvement in all areas, as well as a commitment to building quality systems ‘from the bottom up’.

“Having a good performance management system is imperative for continuous improvement, providing regular feedback to staff on progress toward goals,” Bernie Cronin said.“Council has derived quantifiable benefits in cost, quality and service delivery as a result of continuous improvement. Over five years, productivity savings and new revenues returned $6 million. Over three years, WorkCover hours lost have been reduced by 70 per cent.

“The investment in staff skills and systems development means that continuous improvement rather than legislation will drive ‘Best Value’ services to the Wyndham community.”

For further information, contact Bernie Cronin on (03) 9742 0709.