Coastal management initiatives

Spanning an area twice the size of Tasmania, the Shire of Ashburton includes some 180 kilometres of coastline. Located 1,387 kilometres from Perth, Onslow is the Shire’s main coastal town.

Being coastal has its benefits but also means Onslow is prone to cyclone damage. With four cyclones in the past five years, damage to the town’s foreshore and sand dunes required extensive rehabilitation work.

Through Coastcare, Greencorp and the Onslow Employment Project, this work experience has led to the full time employment for a number of local people.

As part of the work, Council has constructed a one kilometre boardwalk at Beadon Point. This provides protection for the dunes while allowing people to experience the local flora and fauna without causing damage. The 2000 ocean views from the boardwalk provide spectacular scenery. The boardwalk was completed in May this year. There are now plans to run links down to the foreshore. Shade facilities and seating stops are also proposed, as well as interpretive signage along the way.