City of Darebin extends e-Commerce applications with vendor self service *

The City of Darebin has further extended its e-commerce applications with the decision to implement a vendor self service application from AXS-One. TransAXS Vendor is an easy to use, browser based solution that facilitates secure, self service access to supplier information.

The application requires no training to use and can be used internally, for enquiries by any Council personnel, or externally, allowing access by preferred suppliers to their own account information only.

Vendors can electronically retrieve payment information, view invoices received, check status of invoices, and verify receipt of goods information.This will considerably reduce interruptions and queries for Councilís Accounts Payable personnel, thereby providing productivity gains. It will also allow timely delivery of information to internal personnel and vendors on the progress of invoice payments and assist Council in the development of strategic vendor relationships.

The City of Darebin has already taken a leading role within Local Government in the area of e-commerce by providing an online service to residents through its Geographic Information System. This portal provides information from the closest library through to planning information such as detailed information on zoning codes and so forth.

Internally, Council has also taken advantage of the benefits of the Internet by providing browser based access to key internal systems such as their financial system.

AXS-Oneís AXS-Desk enables users to access this system from anywhere and at any time through a web browser. This means updating and maintaining only one copy on one server instead of multiple desktops; the ability to add users, anywhere in the world, by pointing them to an internal web site; and the ability to work continuously with up to date software, without downtime or disruption.

For further information contact Gilly Hen-Boisen on (02) 9955 9944 or email

* Copy supplied by AXS-One