Bringing Best Value online

As part of Darebin City Council’s Best Value program, it has established an Intranet site to facilitate Best Value amongst staff. The Darebin Best Value Intranet site is fully interactive with sections dedicated to every step of the service review process.

“The intent is that it functions as a ‘virtual’ Best Value Project Officer, without the sparkling personality!” said Council’s Acting Manager Best Value, Nerina Di Lorenzo.

The Intranet site includes a multitude of features including a central map allowing users to click on the part of the process that they are interested in; step by step summary of how to complete the relevant section of the service review; and a detailed discussion of specific issues relating to the relevant section of the service review.

“We are continually refining and adding to the site,” Nerina Di Lorenzo said. “For example, at the moment we are completing a section called ‘How to write a business case’.”

One of its many benefits is that it encapsulates and retains the corporate memory, the collective business analysis knowledge of the Best Value unit members and the organisation.

“Over time it has allowed for less reliance on the Best Value Project Officers, freeing time to work on other value adding projects,” Nerina Di Lorenzo said. “In general, staff have found the site useful and are able to navigate through it.

“It took some time at the beginning to get people used to the idea of clicking their way through the information – and we did various things to get them to use the site. This year we included questions about the web site on our annual staff survey and found that staff were able to find the information they required on the site and found it to be useful.”

For further information, contact Nerina Di Lorenzo on (03) 9230 4369.