Active children in Fairfield

Fairfield City Council and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Institute of Sports and Medicine have introduced ‘Active Kids’, a program that targets obesity in children.At the launch at the Prairiewood Leisure Centre in August, players from the Parramatta Eels and local children demonstrated aspects of the Active Kids program.

Almost a quarter of children aged between two and 17 are considered overweight or obese. The Active Kids program offers children the opportunity to participate in regular physical exercise in a fun and safe environment. Six to 12 year old children can take part in a ten week program assisting them to adopt positive exercise and eating habits, now and in the future.

Dieticians will also meet with parents fortnightly to evaluate the family’s eating patterns and provide nutritional information and advice.

Specially trained staff at Prairiewood Leisure Centre conduct an initial physical assessment of each child and then prescribe an individually tailored exercise program. The program comprises three one hour exercise sessions each week, a mid term assessment and a final report for each child. It includes ball and water games, group fitness, and strength and flexibility exercises. Children endeavour to increase their own ability rather than compete with others, allowing them to see their improvements and feel good about the program.

Response to the program has been excellent, with three classes already filled. For more information contact Peter Hickey, Prairiewood Leisure Centre, on (02) 9757 2433.