Training solutions with insight *

A recent census of Australia’s Councils identified cost, lack of time as well as the inability to release staff as the major barriers facing Local Government organisations in relation to training and development. Also of concern was the failure of some training providers to clearly identify needs and develop workable solutions which are of value to the whole organisation.

“Today’s organisations, regardless of their size or geographical location, are looking for high quality, tailored and flexible programs that are cost effective, time efficient and responsive to their needs,” said Insight International Consultancy’s Director, Ian Davis. “Insight International prides itself on its ability to work closely with organisations to identify their needs and develop learning and training solutions that are workable and provide value to the corporation and their employees.

“We provide individualised and unique solutions, not ‘off the shelf’ training packages. We are a leader in the design, development and delivery of in house training, face to face facilitation, and e-learning training solutions. We work with Councils to build realistic and achievable solutions to their training needs. This may mean bringing together a range of delivery options to accomplish an organisation’s goals and provide the highest levels of ongoing support, guidance and direction at a pace that is just right for your Council.”

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Look for Insight’s e-learning spotlight in next month’s Local Government FOCUS.

* Copy supplied by Insight International Consultancy