Queensland Councils go benchmarking

Queensland’s Department of Local Government and Planning has released the 2000/01 edition of Queensland Local Government Comparative Information. This report, which is produced in partnership with Councils, provides a comprehensive collection of efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service indicators for key Local Government functions.

It also provides detailed contextual information to assist in the comparison of Councils across Queensland. The report provides an extensive range of data from 1997/98 to 2000/01, enabling Councils to measure their organisational performance, benchmark their operations and monitor trends over time.

“The report is not designed as a ‘league table’, but with an understanding of where the differences lie and why. Councils will be better positioned to initiate improvements in their own processes,” said Leigh Clement, Project Leader in the Organisational Development Unit of the Department.

She said that this is the first time the Department has released four years of consecutive data and this will enable QLD Councils to examine trends over these years.

Another first for QLD Councils is the concurrent release of the data analysis software, VIEWDATA for Local Government by The Solutions House. VIEWDATA uses the QLD Comparative Information, making it easy for Councils to analyse, compare, report and benchmark their performance with any other Council or group of Councils in Queensland.

Comprehensive graphical reports with the click of a button make VIEWDATA a useful tool for Councils interested in using the Comparative Information in their performance improvement efforts. VIEWDATA has been highly successful with NSW Councils over the past three years with 115 of the 175 Councils using the program.

The Queensland Local Government Comparative Information report is available in hard copy or spreadsheet versions and is also now available for view on the Department’s website at www.dlgp.qld.gov.au/corporate/publications/local_govt/.

Both the report and VIEWDATA can be purchased from Leigh Clement at the Department of Local Government and Planning on (07) 3225 8680 or email leigh.clement@dlgp.qld.gov.au