Manage your future with a Monash Masters in Management *

Local Government managers can enhance their professional skills and qualifications through Monash University’s Department of Management. Supported by over 80 academic staff, the Department has the experience and resources to help managers further their capabilities, with programs that stress strong industry relevance and provide a sound theoretical and practical base for developing and assessing management options. This year alone, over 1,100 managers have taken the exciting step of choosing one of the many graduate programs available in the Department of Management.

The diverse range of courses caters for a variety of needs and aspirations, with flexible study options that enable a balance with work and family life. Many programs can be studied off campus and all can be studied on a part time basis. Some programs aim to enhance skills in management areas such as human resources and employee relations, while others target more specialised career needs.

The Public Policy and Management program is particularly relevant to Local Government managers as it aims to provide them with the analytical and managerial skills to deal effectively with continued pressure for reduced budgets, rigorous accountability and improved services.

Other programs offered include management, business management, human resources, industrial and employee relations, international business, and diplomacy and trade. They can be studied at Masters, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Executive Certificate levels, providing a high degree of flexibility regarding entry and exit points. Relevant work experience is valued at Monash and Masters degrees are no longer beyond the reach of managers without a Bachelor degree.

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* Copy supplied by Monash University