LG endorses benefits of NSW supply contract

Last year, the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW (LGSA) and the NSW Department of Public Works and Services (NSW Supply) joined in a strategic alliance to benefit all Councils in NSW. Full details are available on the LGSA website at www.lgsa.org.au. The alliance allows Councils to tap into the buying power of NSW Supply, the biggest purchasing organisation in the State.

NSW Supply contracts represent outstanding value for money, taking into account pre negotiated rates as well as transaction, logistics and management costs. By utilising such contracts, Local Governments have the safety of a Government contract, together with these associated benefits.

Contract 755 (Provision of Temporary Professional/Technical Staff) was awarded in 1998 following an extensive tender review process. Since becoming a preferred supplier, Clexan-Peak Personnel has been the leading supplier of temporary (contract) professional and technical personnel to the NSW Government and its Departments and Agencies, throughout NSW.

Contract 755 has recently been replaced by Contract 025/755 (Provision of Temporary Professional/Technical and Industrial Staff) which will be in force until 2006. Clexan-Peak Personnel has once again been selected as a preferred supplier.

Councils using Clexan-Peak Personnel include Ashfield, Bankstown, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Canterbury, Dubbo, Holroyd, Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, Leichhardt, Liverpool, Manly, Marrickville, Moree Plains, Mosman, Narrabri, Newcastle, Rockdale, Shoalhaven, Sutherland, Sydney City, Willoughby, Woollahra and Wyong.

Clexan-Peak Personnel is very proud to have received permission to provide details of the following Local Government personnel who are willing to act as Service Supplier Referees.

  • Reg Norris, Manager Engineering Services at Wyong Shire Council, telephone (02) 4350 5452
  • Greg Piconi, Director of Technical Services, Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council, telephone (02) 9424 0796
  • Leigh Oxburrow, Human Resource Manager, Woollahra Council, telephone (02) 9391 7003

* Copy supplied by Clexan-Peak Personnel