Change Manual

With change being a constant presence in Local Government, the development of a Change Management Manual by Gold Coast City Council is helping to guide staff and Council through dynamic changes. A staff survey in 1999 identified concerns regarding change, including communication and consultation and its coordination, planning and monitoring. As a result Council established a project team to address these concerns. This team worked with a consultant to develop a Change Management Manual. Council staff were involved at every stage of its development.

The development process for the manual included establishing the needs of the organisation; conducting focus groups with randomly selected staff on what was needed in the manual; developing the manual; and then testing the manual as it was developed. The manual, which serves as a guide on how to plan and implement change, includes a thorough explanation of the change process, as well as a toolkit of standard processes that can be used when undertaking an assessment for change.

“Broad in its use, the manual can be used for a simple change, such as a transfer of a staff member, or can be used in complex projects, such as the implementation of a corporate or business strategy or a restructure,” said Council’s Manager Human Resources Coordination and Organisational Development, Leigh Bernhardt.

For further information, contact Leigh Bernhardt on (07) 5582 8658.