Australia’s only tertiary level course for prospective Councillors

Intending candidates for the March 2004 quadrennial Local Government elections in Queensland will have the opportunity to obtain a detailed insight into the role and responsibilities of being a Councillor before deciding whether to nominate for the elections. From October this year, the Open Learning Institute (OLI) of TAFE will offer Australia’s only tertiary level course for prospective Councillors.

The course will be offered so that it is both affordable and accessible, through distance education, for all intending candidates and other interested persons throughout Queensland. Sponsored by the Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning, the semester long course is being redeveloped and re accredited to reflect contemporary trends in Local Government and the requirements of the Local Government Training Package.

The course, which was first offered in 1999 in the lead up to the March 2000 Local Government elections, will provide intending candidates with a detailed understanding of the largely strategic, policy making role prescribed for Queensland Councillors under the Local Government Act 1993. It comprises modules on the legislative framework in which Local Governments operate, corporate and financial management, leadership and community engagement and the various interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills required to be an effective Councillor.

The offering of the course from October – almost 18 months before the 2004 elections – will allow intending candidates ample time and opportunity to complete the course and then make an informed decision before determining whether to nominate.

Further information about the course can be obtained from Kathy Bannister on (07) 3259 4061 or Mark Neylan on (07) 3225 8942.