Australian WorkPlace

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The WorkPlace website is an entry point to every aspect of employment information. The site assists all Australians by providing information on employment, government assistance, labour markets, working condition, careers, training and volunteering. The site is broken down into topics that will take you straight to the information you need.

Finding Staff

WorkPlace provides employers and recruiting agencies with multiple options and information on recruiting staff and employee assistance schemes. WorkPlace takes you to Australia’s leading employment website: Australian JobSearch, a comprehensive job board. Here employers and recruiters can lodge job vacancies or browse the 80,000 plus résumés on the system. Australian JobSearch provides a free service.

Finding Work

WorkPlace provides job seekers and people wishing to change their current employment with easy to locate information on gaining or changing employment. The site provides useful information on how to write résumés, application letters and performance tips for interviews. Also provided is information on specialised employment services, government assistance and government and international employment opportunities. From WorkPlace job seekers can access Australian JobSearch and locate job vacancies in their area or by occupation and lodge their résumé through Résumés Builder.

Labour Market Information

WorkPlace provides valuable information on labour market developments including employment indicators, employment statistics by state, regional, metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, skills shortages and vacancy trends and migrant specific skills data. Also provided are evaluation and effectiveness of government programmes.

Employment Associations

WorkPlace provides key links to professional associations, employer associations and unions across Australia.

Wages and Conditions

WorkPlace provides a primary directory of information on Commonwealth, State and Territory awards and agreements, enterprise bargaining, employment conditions and entitlements, employer obligations, occupational health and safety, superannuation, equity issues and balancing work and family life.

Careers and Training

WorkPlace provides vital information on the entire process of choosing a career. The site is relevant for people at any stage of their career whether school leavers looking for training and work experience opportunities or established workers looking to update their skills base with further training.

Indigenous Australians

WorkPlace provides information specific to Indigenous Australians, including assistance provided through the Indigenous Employment Programme, Indigenous Small Business Fund and the Job Network.

Australian WorkPlace is one of the new customer focussed portal websites designed to make it easier to access online government information and services. Each portal website covers a different topic and links customers to key government websites and online services. is the entry point, giving customers access to all of the areas of government relevant to their needs.

Australian WorkPlace is home to several leading sub-sites, which are easily accessed from the WorkPlace homepage.

Australian JobSearch – Australia’s leading employment website. Job seekers, employers and recruiters are able to use this site to post job vacancies, find jobs and post or browse the 80,000 plus résumés.

Australian Careers – Designed to assist with all career development queries this site includes ‘Job Outlook’ a site on occupational information including job prospects, average weekly earnings and demographic breakdowns.

Australian Training – Provides consolidated information about training opportunities around Australia

Australian VolunteerSearch – This site allows volunteer organisations to post volunteer opportunities and prospective volunteers to browse opportunities in their local area.

WageNet – Provides up to date wages and conditions information broken down into regional locations.

Australian Employment Services –This site provides information about employment programmes and services including; the Job Network, Work for the Dole, the Personal Support Programme and Transition to Work.

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