Area Consultative Committees (ACCs)

The national network of Area Consultative Committees (ACCs) provides an important link between the Federal Government and rural, regional, remote and metropolitan Australia. The network effectively covers the whole of Australia. As volunteer community based organisations, ACCs respond to issues in their regions and provide a vital link to government on local, social and economic conditions. ACCs work in partnership with the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS) and are non-profit, community-based organisations funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Who are the members of ACCs?

The Secretary of DoTARS appoints a leading member of the community to act as Chair of the ACC. The ACC Chair oversees the development of the strategic directions of the ACC and is responsible for the ongoing operations of the Committee. The ACC Chair often establishes sub-committees to enable the ACC to better serve the diverse needs of the region. The Chair and every member of an ACC are committed volunteers drawn from the community, local business and government. ACC Chairs and members give their time and energy because they have a personal commitment to working in partnership with the Commonwealth Government to develop their regions through strengthening business and jobs growth to build a sustainable future for their community.

How do ACCs operate?

Each ACC works within the priority areas identified in the Charter for the National Network of ACCs and in accordance with a Statement of Priorities issued on behalf of the Commonwealth Government by the Minister for Transport and Regional Services. To guide its local-level activities, each ACC brings community stakeholders together to identify opportunities, priorities and growth strategies for the region. This community consultation enables each ACC to develop a three-year Strategic Regional Plan for its region. While ACC members are not paid for their services, each ACC receives annual operational funding from the Commonwealth Government. The ACC uses this funding to employ full-time paid staff to undertake administrative operations and assist the ACC in implementing both the National Charter and its Strategic Regional Plan.

What is the purpose behind ACCs?

ACCs position themselves as key regional stakeholders to find local solutions to local problems whilst at the same time taking a strategic approach to development of the whole region they serve. ACCs provide a whole-of government approach by working in partnership with business and the community to achieve regional economic growth by identifying opportunities to stimulate and sustain business opportunities and create and maintain jobs locally.

For further information please refer to the ACC website or phone the Commonwealth Regional Information Service 1800 026 222 to locate your nearest ACC.