Creative transformation of a landfill site

The All Nations Park, Darebin City Councilís new open space project, creatively transforms a piece of land that has undergone many changes over the years. The All Nations Park was developed with the vision of a landscape made up of locally relevant materials and themes reflecting the cultural diversity of Darebin.

A city with a population of 130,000, Darebin is located north of Melbourneís CBD. The land has a rich origin and vast history of transformations. It was part of the territory that was the domain of the Wurundjeri people. In 1882 it was the site of a quarry and brickworks, until the former Northcote Council purchased it in 1977. Council developed it as a landfill site and established the Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre on the brickworks site. As the landfill neared the end of its life, planning began for the development of this part of the site and included extensive community consultation.

After the amalgamation of the former Cities of Northcote and Preston, the City of Darebin completed the project. Construction of the Park, concluded early this year.

Totalling $8 million, the project was funded from a reserve created from tipping fees. There is extensive use of recycled material throughout the Park including 3,500 cubic metres of recycled mulch, as well as recycled plastics for park furniture and bridge decking.

The Park itself features a hilltop with views the CBD and surrounding areas; a lake; stage and performance areas; recreation, picnic and barbecue facilities; and large areas of indigenous plants and gardens. Future projects for the Park include a skate park and artworks. A Veteranís Memorial and Walk is expected to be completed by 25 April 2002.