Technology streamlines Council meetings

A new system used at Alexandrina Council in South Australia, involving laptop computers and a digital projector, has reduced duplication in preparing Council papers.

Providing elected members with the appropriate amount of material including agendas and minutes for meetings, has always been a challenge and an evolving process for people in Local Government.

“The challenge has been in getting the balance right between effective and accurate reporting and giving the elected members sufficient information to make informed decisions,” said Chief Executive, John Coombe. “Council also wanted to shorten the period between a meeting and the distribution of minutes afterwards.”

To achieve this Council began to implement additional technology into its meetings.

Introducing laptop computers at Council meetings meant the minute taker’s preparation of minutes is easier and quicker. Council also connected a digital projector to the minute taker’s laptop.

“This allowed us to project the agenda and the resolutions, as they were generated, onto the screen in the Council chamber, reducing the need for hard copies in the gallery,” John Combe said. “It enables the gallery to see the ‘business’ as it is happening. It also means the old elected member’s cry of I move in that direction, is a thing of the past. If the motion is different to the recommendation the elected members have to actually word the motion.”

For further information contact John Coombe on (08) 8555 7000.