Reader survey feedback

We would like to thank all respondents who completed our reader survey sent out in the October 2001 edition. The survey assists our planning of future editions of FOCUS, ensuring we are covering relevant issues and best practice examples that assist elected members and staff to meet the increasing expectations of their constituents.

The breakdown of the 178 responses received saw elected members making up 52 per cent, Council officers 40 per cent, and just over seven per cent representing Local Government peak bodies, other organisations or subscribers. The State by State breakdown was representative of national demographics with 23 per cent of respondents from New South Wales; 20 percent Victoria; 18 percent Queensland; 17 per cent from Western Australia; 13 per cent South Australia; seven per cent Tasmania; and three per cent from the Northern Territory and ACT.

Some 139 (78.1%) of respondents said that they read FOCUS ‘regularly’ and a further 36 (20.2%) read it ‘sometimes’, while two (1.1 %) indicated that they ‘never’ read it.

In rating the publication, 11.4 per cent selected ‘excellent’; 40.3 percent ‘very good’; 35.2 per cent ‘good’; 9.7 percent ‘fair’; and 1.7 per cent ‘poor’.

The question concerning what readers liked about the publication resulted in comments about it being informative; easy to read; its colour; Australia wide coverage; best practice examples and learning from other Councils; diversity and mix of stories; up to date information; its newspaper format; brief, precise coverage; and contact details for further information.

Suggestions, or what readers would like to see changed, included greater coverage of rural and smaller Councils and a balance of items State by State. More letters and opinion pieces were also suggested by a number of respondents. A few suggested a change in format but this was offset by a much larger number who said they liked FOCUS as it is currently presented.

We continue to encourage Councils, particularly rural and smaller Councils, to send press releases or contact us when they have a project or initiative of interest to others in Local Government. Letters and opinion pieces are always welcome and we are keen to promote debate of issues, such as the two points of view presented on page two of this edition on immigration and refugees.

Email or telephone (03) 9416 9900.