Lismore’s 100 million worms turning

Opened last October, Lismore’s organic waste reprocessing facility, containing 100 million worms in a 120 metre long automated greenhouse, is believed to be the largest of its kind. Needing to make major changes to, and improvements in, the management of organic waste and mixed solids, extensive consultation with the community led to the Lismore Vermiculture Plant being developed.

Lismore’s $6.5 million vermiculture facility, is now home to some 14 tonnes of worms that will process organic and green waste from over 10,000 Lismore householders.The facility covers 2.1 hectares on a reclaimed former landfill site. It includes a computer controlled greenhouse and processing area, and is expected to create 12 full time jobs.

The vermiculture facility is a joint project between Lismore City Council and Tryton Waste Services.

“Together we have succeeded in creating an exciting and innovative development with financial benefits for the people of Lismore, using leading edge environmentally sustainable techniques,” said Lismore Mayor, Bob Gates.“Instead of Lismore’s green waste, food scraps and other organic material going into landfill, it will now be fed to worms and converted into high quality fertiliser and compost.”

The waste is delivered to the processing site, before passing through a shredder mill to reduce size and bulk.The material is then moistened and steam sterilised to kill all plant seeds and pathogens, before being fed to the worms. The natural action of the worms processes the waste into what is known as raw vermicast, an environmentally friendly long term soil conditioner containing nutrients for plants.

For further information contact Lismore City Council’s Manager Business and Enterprise, Craig Kelly on (02) 6625 0560.