Improved e-business at Darebin *

AXS-One, a leading provider of financials and e-business solutions for Local Government, recently released its Enterprise version 7.0. The first Local Government to take advantage of the newest version was the City of Darebin, one of Victoria’s largest Councils. AXS-One Enterprise version 7.0 is the first of future planned releases that expand business processes across Council operations and out to suppliers and business partners.

Significant enhancements include a redesigned bank reconciliation module, a new corporate budgeting module, and cash management processes designed to automate complex, high volume receivables. The openness of AXS-One Enterprise version 7.0 allows for effective integration with a Council’s other systems resulting in rapid return of value.

“Council set itself the goal of upgrading applications and technology to take advantage of the collaborative features available with AXS-One Enterprise version 7.0 and AXS Desk,” said Mark Davies, Darebin’s Chief Financial Officer. “The implementation went very smoothly and within a very tight timescale demanded by management so as to minimise system downtime.

“The AXS-One financial applications comprising General Ledger, Procurement, Payables, Receivables and Fixed Assets were upgraded to take advantage of the new functionality and we added AXS-One’s AXS Desk application, an Internet access feature, allowing for greater collaboration between us, our suppliers, and remote locations. The technology upgrade also included the upgrade in the server operating system from NT to Windows 2000.”

Ossie Pisanu, AXS-One’s Vice President Asia Pacific, said that organisations looking to accelerate collaboration within their supply chain will benefit quickly from AXS-One Enterprise version 7.

“Interoperability is critical to the success of any collaborative commerce process,” he said.

For further information contact Gilly Hen-Boisen at ASX-One, telephone (02) 9955 9944 or email

* Copy supplied by AXS-One