Performance excellence pays off with quality award for Hobart

The Australian Quality Council has recognised Hobart City Council at the International Business Excellence Summit with a national Award for Business Improvement. The award acknowledges the performance of Council when measured against the Business Excellence Framework developed by the Australian Quality Council.

External evaluators appointed by the Australian Quality Council noted, following the assessment, ‘the organisation has a solid foundation from which further improvements can be made’.

Hobart City Council first began its quest for business excellence in 1999 when it adopted the Business Excellence Framework and formulated several inhouse teams to explore opportunities for improvement. These teams considered diverse areas of Council operations, including strategic planning processes, identification of community needs, measuring and communicating performance, employee involvement and leadership.

Recognising that this award is the first step in a much longer journey toward business excellence, the General Manager, Brent Armstrong, said that Council’s approach has been to increase the organisation’s ability to improve its own performance on an ongoing basis to a level that will deliver superior customer service and value for money to the community.

“We are genuinely committed to becoming more customer focused,,” he said. “Whether addressing the immediate concerns of an individual ratepayer or in the provision of major facilities, employees are enjoying a stronger sense of empowerment and are making substantial contributions to improvement in work methods and initiatives.”

For further information contact Brent Armstrong on (03) 6238 2711.