“Between a Roc and a Hard Place”

Since 1997, a Regional Organisation of Councils (ROC) has existed representing the Councils of Burnie, Central Coast, Circular Head, Devonport, Kentish, King Island, Latrobe, Waratah-Wynyard and West Coast. Due to lack of strategic vision within Tasmania’s West North West Councils, a recent review advocated the structure be reassessed to allow for more effective planning, decision making and better resource management.

Member Councils agreed to support the Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) concept. The Authority comprises directors representing member Councils in the areas of agriculture, industry and commerce, tourism, education and training.

The CCA has been designed to achieve results and operate like a business. It has a vision that embraces community and public interest, not merely a Local Government perspective. It is unique in the fact that it is run by a group of eight paid directors, appointed on the basis of skills and merit following public advertising.

The CCA allows a more effective base for planning, greater capacity for decision making and management and delivery of a range of activities on a regional basis. Through forums, workshops and extensive public consultation, a unity of thinking in formation of State and Regional policies has been achieved.

“A vast change in mindset and the culture of Local Government was required to recognise the many opportunities of a coordinated approach and effective allocation of resources,” said David Sales, Director CCA. “Previous resource allocation was uncoordinated and under researched with little or no interaction with other levels of the decision making process.”

The CCA can now focus on key program areas such as economic development and regional service delivery.

“Each existing Council continues to have its own identity and priorities geared towards local environments,” David Sales said. “However, Councils, through their strategic plans, will be cognisant of those interests and benefits, which can be derived from a regional perspective.”

For further information, please contact David Sales, Director CCA, telephone (03) 6424 0511.