Tas Central Portal - cooperation pays off

Three Tasmanian Councils have joined forces with local businesses and community groups to create the Tasmania Central Portal. The idea, developed by Northern Midlands, Central Midlands and Southern Midlands Councils, has resulted in the one dynamic site showcasing the region rather than the costly, and less effective alternative, platitude of separate websites. The Councils believe this cooperative approach is, and will, continue to deliver many benefits to the region.

Beginning work in 1998, a $40,000 grant under the Local Employment Initiative program was a great shot in the arm for the project. Telstra has also agreed to become involved, developing an e-commerce facility as a pilot for Tasmania and Regional Australia.

The portal can be found at www.tasmaniacentral.tas.gov.au.

It enables the community to access online government and business services. It showcases the region to the world and maximises opportunities for further development leading to growth and new jobs in the area.

A Project Officer has now been employed to work with local businesses to assist them in doing business online.

The 19,000 residents and 2,000 local businesses, if not already linked to the web, can make use of one of the seven Online Access Centres spread across the three Municipalities.

As well as the three Councils improving their own service and business operations through online technology, this initiative demonstrates their leadership in working together to deliver economic and community benefits across the region.

For further information contact Gerald Monson, General Manager at Northern Midlands Council, telephone (03) 6391 1303.