Managing Internet productivity

Local Councils, Government Departments and businesses alike, are recognising the ever increasing benefits of providing Internet access to employees. But Internet access can result in countless non productive hours when employees stray. Online shopping, gambling, share trading, even checking hotmail and other such accounts, not to mention pornography.

SuperScout provides the most advanced filtering technology available to eliminate Internet abuse. Combining Focused Filtering, precision Bandwidth control with a flexible and scalable configuration, SuperScout will not only manage your employee productivity, but also free up much needed network bandwidth.

A concern for most managers these days is legal liability. When employees stray to inappropriate and sexually explicit sites, lawsuits can and have followed. From harassment charges to even criminal prosecution, you can protect yourself and your employees with the promotion of intelligent Internet use.

SurfControl's SuperScout encourages you to define, implement and use an Internet Access Policy (IAP) that clearly explains what is and is not acceptable in the workplace.

Developing an IAP that is tailored to your Council's culture and needs is an essential part of business in the new millennium. With the implementation of a scalable solution you can be secure with the knowledge that the time your employees spend on the Internet is productive.

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