Reducing the risk of falls

It is always welcome news when a simple but effective solution is developed for an age old problem. PosiGrip Australia has launched its new PosiGrip™ products, and treatment process, that significantly reduces the slipperiness of floors. Slips or fall injuries are common in the workplace, commercial properties, public areas and in the home.

Increased focus on occupational health and safety, and the sudden increase in third party litigation, makes this new treatment for slippery floors most timely. With Australia's population aging, it will also help to reduce the costs to the community and the pain and suffering experienced by older persons.

The Victorian Injury Surveillance System database shows that 66 percent of injury cases for persons older than 65 were the result of a fall.

PosiGrip can be applied to ceramic and quarry tiles, terrazzo, marble, concrete and cement. The three step process creates a soft tread on the surface while leaving the surface virtually unchanged. Unlike other anti slip treatments, PosiGrip is not a coating, does not require re application, and is non abrasive.

Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, swimming pools and many other facilities have already benefited from PosiGrip treatment.

The results of a trial held at Health Care of Australia Shepparton Private Hospital can be seen at PosiGrip's web site at

Council and community facility managers are aware of the potential risks of slips or fall injuries to staff, clients and the public. PosiGrip is a solution to the problem.

For further information contact PosiGrip on 1300 304 747.

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