Manly's Workplace Agreement wins award

Manly City Council's recently negotiated Waste Management Services Enterprise Agreement has won a New Directions Award from the NSW Department of Industrial Relations.

It was one of only six organisations out of the 300 organisations that registered agreements in 1999 to receive the honour. The Award recognises Council's innovative methods of rewarding workplace performance through the use of new technology and the cooperative process used to negotiate an ongoing and workable Agreement.

With the introduction of a new mechanised waste collection service, negotiations took place involving management, Waste Services staff and the Federated Municipal and Shire Council Employees Union. A review and benchmarking exercise of the proposed new service had previously been carried out.

A facilitator agreed upon by all parties was appointed to streamline the process. Full information was given to all members of the working party negotiating the Agreement and ample time allowed for everyone to consider the implications of proposed changes.

"The process of negotiation was long and difficult but the outcome has been beneficial to the Waste Services staff, to Manly Council and to our residents," said Council's General Manager, Wayne Collins.

For Council, benefits accrued from the reduction in the number of staff required to run the service, fewer workers compensation claims owing to the mechanisation of the lifting operation, and a more reliable and committed work team. Employees benefit under the agreement through greater security of employment, an increase in the number of permanent staff, an increase in pay rates, and reduction in the variability of rates of pay.

The Manly community is the overall winner with an improved waste collection service, including nine additional green waste collections per year. "The Agreement allows Council to continue providing a high standard for waste collection and recycling services while reducing reliance on casual employment," Wayne Collins said.

"Benefits are flowing to the community in the form of affordable and efficient service with positive environmental outcomes."

For further information contact Wayne Collins, telephone (02) 9976 1503