Walking in Whitehorse

As part of its campaign to provide a variety of leisure and fitness opportunities to local residents Melbourne's Whitehorse City Council is launching 'Walking in Whitehorse'.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Seamer said Council has a commitment to providing health and fitness opportunities that are accessible to all residents. He said residents can take advantage of the 344 parklands dotted throughout the City and 200 hectares of bushland reserves waiting to be explored.

The City is issuing a challenge to residents. It aims to have 50,000 pedestrians rediscover the streets of Whitehorse before Christmas. 'Walking in Whitehorse' is believed to be the first community wide exercise program to be introduced by any Victorian Council.

Mayor Peter Allen said Council has developed a series of trails for walkers to explore and has equipped all Whitehorse residents with their own walking diary to help them get started. This colourful guide lists the benefits to be gained from walking and gives handy hints to enhance the enjoyment of walking, such as wearing suitable clothing and taking safety precautions.

Ten walks researched and developed by Council staff are described, including the length of the walk, the expected time to complete the walk, and the many interesting features to be noted on the way. Clear maps and photographs accompany each description.

The 32 page colour booklet has been distributed to all households. It also includes a listing of local walking groups, their schedules and a diary to allow walkers to record their journeys.

"These walks take you on an historic journey of the City and uncover the many hidden features that are unique to our Municipality," the Mayor said. "'Walking in Whitehorse' will not only enable residents to learn more about their City but will also improve their fitness. "Walking is the best form of gentle exercise and one of the most popular recreational activities for people of all ages."

For further information contact Peter Seamer, telephone (03) 9262 6333