Knowsley a service leader

Following a restructure of Local Government in Britain, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough was formed in 1974. It is one of five Councils in the Merseyside conurbation.

With a population of 154,000 people, the Borough covers an area of 97 square kilometres, two thirds of which is green belt.

Suffering a period of severe economic and social decline in the late 70s and 80s, the population fell dramatically from 194,000 and unemployment peaked at 22%.

Although social problems still exist, Council, in partnership with the private sector and local community, is now making great progress.

With unemployment reduced to 12%, the population steadily increasing again and a successful program attracting inward investment in the Borough, the future looks good for Knowsley.

A decision by Ford to build its prestigious new 'baby' Jaguar in Knowsley is potentially a £440 million investment, while QVC Teleshopping will provide 2,500 new jobs, many to be filled locally.

One of the United Kingdom's 450 local authorities, Knowsley is ranked in the top one third in regard to population size. Council enjoys national and international recognition for being at the cutting edge of innovation.

It has established itself as a leader in the field of community information, financial management and service excellence.

Focusing on customer needs, Knowsley's corporate agenda is based on strong strategic management and a commitment to continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

With an annual budget in excess of £250 million per annum, Council services span the areas of planning and development, leisure and community services, housing and environmental health, education and social services. It employs 5,200 people, plus some 2,500 school teachers.