E-Council from INTEC

Burnie City Council and INTEC Australia have developed a complete Local Government Information System known as E-Council. E-Council means that the management and dissemination of information that Councils currently undertake manually can be delivered electronically for internal customers and the public at large.

"All Councils provide a large amount of information ranging from planning matters to dogs, asset registers to a host of community services," said Lionel Young, Manager Economic Development at Burnie City Council. "E-Council is a mechanism that provided ready access to this information within a built in hierarchy of security."

For example, members of the media can immediately access Council Meeting Agenda and press releases without having to take up staff time. Similarly, the public can access information about planning matters and then lodge their applications electronically, providing a more efficient, streamlined process and, at the same time, freeing up staff time.

Networking the community

Council is also working to establish a fully Integrated Communications Network (ICN) for the benefit of all its community sectors. This innovative model will operate similar to a Local Area Network, and when coupled with the new communication infrastructure will provide significant opportunities to reduce data processing and telephone costs.

As a means of assisting with community education, Council has with the assistance of the State Government, established a Community Online Access Centre within the Small Business Incubator. The centre provides 10 computers for free public use, all of which have high speed Internet access.

"The key is having the whole community, business, industry, community groups, academic institutions, emergency services and the like, all operating on the one integrated community network," Lionel young said.

"Any community in Australia could introduce this system, and as they come on board the system can be networked on a regional and then statewide basis. Down the track, it could become a national network."

For further information contact Lionel Young, telephone (03) 6431 1033


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