Life Stories

While reports, surveys, data and statistics are all legitimate means to ascertain community values and aspirations, Knox has found one of the most agreeable ways to present information about the community, and its vision for Knox, is through the time honoured tradition of stories.

Determined to understand the views and values of different sectors of the community, Council organised a series of day long workshops known as Life Stories.

The five themes selected for the Life Story days were designed to correspond with different stages and aspects of life. These were Children, Youth, Families, Seniors and Business.

"People cottoned on to the idea of stories," said Executive Adviser Elaine Sowerby. "It is a very accessible way for others to understand the different views of various people and groups. "From the stories, we know how different members of the community would like Knox to be in the future."

Elaine said this form of consultation proved so popular and interesting that Council is looking at publishing the stories that have been collected to date. Information gathered in the workshops feeds into the City's Corporate Plan together with other forms of consultation.