Dubbo celebrates 150 years

In November the City of Dubbo will celebrate its 150th anniversary in style with a large array of events designed to appeal to families and people of all ages, tastes and interests.

Eighteen months ago Council set up a committee to organise celebrations which Committee Member, Councillor Alan Smith, said will help raise the City's profile bringing both short and long term benefits.

The City, located on the busy Newell Highway, expects the anniversary to provide a perfect excuse for many former residents and new visitors to discover that Dubbo is home to much more than its world class zoo.

Council, together with community organisations and business groups, has planned a comprehensive calendar of events. During the week of November 20 to 28, several concerts pitched at various age groups, numerous sporting tournaments and a Commemorative Ball will be staged.

Other special events include the Dubbo Air Show, a special dinner to honour the founding fathers of the City and the inaugural Dubbo wine and food festival.

The 150th anniversary is seen as an opportunity to reflect on the past and ponder the future at a pivotal point in Dubbo's and the world's history.

The City is particularly looking forward to the return to Dubbo of many previous residents and many others who, though they have never lived in Dubbo themselves, are the children and grandchildren of the City's pioneers.

Among the celebrations will be several events staged by the Australian army commemorating the period during World War Two when the Dubbo Army Training Camp was home to servicemen from across Australia. Invitations have been sent to all the servicemen and women who spent time at the barracks to attend a commemorative ceremony and dinner to mark their time in Dubbo.

Local business is providing the major part of sponsorship. Local airlines Eastern Air and Hazelton's have publicised the events in their in flight magazines and local people are contributing to the organisation.

Dovetailing with the celebrations, Dubbo is also hosting the 1999 NSW Local Government Associations' Annual Conference from 6-10 November.