Quality waterways a priority

Water and its quality are essential to a city's health and that of its environment. Adelaide City Council is taking an active role in ensuring the quality of its waterways is sustained.

The River Torrens is a vital part of life in Adelaide, running from the Adelaide hills through the heart of the city and out to sea. Council is involved in a number of initiatives and best practice procedures to improve the quality of the River and stormwater system which enters the Torrens and Patawalonga catchments within its boundaries.

The City of Adelaide has installed a Gross Pollutant Trap as part of the ongoing strategy to improve the quality of South Australia's waterways. It consists of a large concrete chamber situated at the end of the stormwater system.

Rainwater flows into it from the city's West End and the chamber traps the pollutants which the rain transports through the stormwater system. Pollutants caught in the chamber are emptied out periodically, preventing them from entering the River Torrens.

These pollutants can also be analysed to identify the sources of stormwater pollution and educate people to reduce these types of pollutants at their source. There are plans to install further Traps in the future.

Council is also involved in ongoing monitoring and investigation of algal bloom in the River Torrens. A major study of algal activity in the Torrens was conducted from October 1998 through until April 1999. The findings and recommendations of this investigation are expected to be released soon.