Promoting Adelaide

In heading up Adelaide City Marketing, Janet Campbell's role is to promote and coordinate all there is on offer in Adelaide. City Marketing offers advice, ideas and planning assistance to people and organisations staging various events.

Recognising that the City has much to offer which could be better promoted on a collective basis, City Marketing was established. "We aim to bring Adelaide to Adelaidians," Janet Campbell said

"We do not initiate events and we provide information not advertising. Our most important role is to encourage and broker relationships between the range of organisations that would not otherwise have worked together. "The result has been the development of a great deal of synergy."

As an example, she cited a partnership which sprang from a coincidence of interests between the Adelaide Zoo, Haigh's chocolate manufacturers and the Foundation for a Rabbit Free Australia. These organisations joined together at Easter to conduct a 'Hunt for the Easter Bilby' through the City Centre.

Key campaigns of Adelaide City Marketing are 'City Scene' and 'Break for the City'. City Scene includes a calendar of events provided to organisations so they can strategically time their own promotional programs. Break for the City provides a host of city based school holiday activities in January.

Brochure information is also set out in ring bound calendar for those planning events. This helps organisers to dovetail their activities with complementary events. It also assists bodies, such as emergency services, to plan for particular occasions.

Set up just 18 months ago, Janet Campbell said it is difficult to measure the full impact of City Marketing. However, she said many people have indicated they are happy with what is happening and recognise the contribution this organisation is making in bringing people into the City.

"We are just one of many organisations trying to make a difference," she said. "But we have clearly influenced others to take a broader view of promoting our City's assets.