Managing bridge assets

Tasmania's Derwent Valley Council now manages its bridge assets using a Tasmanian Company. Tas Span Pty Ltd provides all the services Council needs to keep these vital assets in shape.

Tas Span are bridge asset managers but also provide construction and maintenance work for Councils. They now manage over 50% of Local Government bridges in Tasmania. This includes over 1,500 timber and concrete bridges.

On Tas Span's recommendation, Council recently carried out $19,000 of repairs to a local bridge over the Wye Forest Creek. Derwent Valley's Environmental Services Manager, Mitchell Clark, said the works were necessary as a result of deterioration in bridge timbers. He said temporary repairs were carried out last year, but beams and decking now needed to be replaced.

The new work included timber running strips to improve the ride and life of the new deck. Mitchell Clark said Tas Span had been providing bridge management for Council for the last two years.

He said inspections are carried out twice a year. A detailed report follows each inspection including a prioritised work program and immediate and long term budgets. The second report includes recommendations regarding any work which should be carried out and the degree of urgency for repair work.

For further information contact Mitchell Clark, telephone (03) 6261 0730 or John Weller at Tas Span, telephone (03) 6428 7227.